About Us

Established by experienced networking professionals, Subject Link Inc (Sbjlink) was born for providing the links for all subjects. Reliable and secure link is our mission to connect all subjects. With Sbjlink networking products, solutions and services, the connection we like to build is in a controlled, secure and sustainable operation to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. The vision is to create reliable and secure links between all subjects for the industries and the world we care to be better connected.


Why Sbjlink

Sbjlink provides industrial data communication products for critical environments. Across all kinds of city infrastructure, such as transport, surveillance, utilities, buildings, Sbjlink has the industrial grade networking products and connect for its customer's critical missions in harsh environment.  Sbjlink also provides consultant services for the products that are not in our portfolio, and define the solutions that tailored to customers' needs. 


✔ Reliable

✔ Secure

✔ Tailored to your needs



Global Partners:

We are looking for strategic partners and distributors for each region and segment of markets.
Like to know more about Sbjlink partnership program: Contact
Interests of cooperation: sales@sbjlink.com

Custom products (OEM/ODM):

The products Sbjlink provide are also able to rebrand for different purposes and support the modification by our engineering resources and contracted manufacturers. We can relabel and modify our products for your needs or build a new product to help you win the market. 

Technical Support:

We will support your technical inquiry, trouble shooting, setup and product information. Please specify your request to Sbjlink Support:  Contact  or  support@sbjlink.com


Warranty and RMA Services:

All Industrial switches, serial device servers and converters warrant 5 years unless specified in datasheets. SFP and power supplies warrant 1 year. For particular customized products, please contact us. Warranty period starts from the date of delivery. Please report the issues to support@sbjlink.com for the request of product return and repair.